Who am I?

...a dreamer who decided to ride into a photography adventure a couple of years ago. Through photography, I express my feelings and feel more complete and fulfilled.

Here you will find my journey into photography... A big part of my photography journey is Self Portraits. Best part is that I can be on both sides of this process...the photographer and the model. Regardless of where I go, I always have the camera in my bag and the tripod. Besides being a heavy DSLR, Nikon D850 with its big lenses (thinking to switch to mirrorless soon...), I still carry it with me almost every time and capture the best moments out there.

As part of my journey with my clients, I'm always inspired by naturality and sensitivity. Moments captures unexpectedly are the most beautiful ones. Trying to capture what's in the heart of my clients, bringing the real feelings that happen at the exact moment. Here you will find only positive vibes, ton of emotions, love, beauty and sensitivity. Hope you enjoy exploring it.



“Your self-portraits are stunning. Keep up with good work”

—Michelle K.

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